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How does Acupuncture work ?

Acupuncture is an ancient drugless system of healing.Acupuncture originated in India in the Indus valley period and was used by Bhogar, Tamil siddhar as well. Later this system was adapted and further developed by Chinese. Acupuncture is considered as a mainstream treatment in China.

  • Meridians are invisible energy pathways that run across the body
  • The acupuncturist feels the health condition of the person by feeling the pulse (Naadi)
  • By Balancing the Naadi and stimulating points on the meridians many health problems can be solved (based on 5 element theory)
  • Acupuncturist decides the acu points based on the these Naadi readings
  • Acupuncture can be used to treat almost all ailments associated with the body and mind.
  • Acupuncture treatment has no known negative side effects.
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    About Dr. Lakshmi Parthasarathy

    Dr.Lakshmi Parthasarathi. B.A, M.D (Acu) is the acupuncturist certified by ATAMA.

    She is an expert at Nadi diagnosis , with the healing powers of pranic healing and her knowledge in Accupuncture her diagnosis are accurate which is the core to the treatment. Her needling is perfectand painless. She has treated and cured many patients suffering from skin problems like psoriasis, allergies, fatty liver, uterus problems, urinary track infection etc. Her deep understanding of the subject is one of the main reasons in curing her patients. Each case is taken up by her as an challenge to help cure the patients .

    Dr.Lakshmi is popular for her accurate pulse readings and her expert choice of acupuncture points gives her patients the best results in the shortest time.Dr.Lakshmi also conducts theory and practical Diploma classes for those who wish to pursue Acupuncture for personal use or as a profession.