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Happy Clients

Hear what some of our satisfied clients have to say...

"It is a great place to know your current status of health through reading of Nadis. Dr Lakshmi's treatment is not only inexpensive but quite effective too. We are so lucky to have her sincere treatment"

~ Srinivasa Raghavan

"My mother had been suffering from dysmenorrhoea and fibroid uterus for a long time. The symptoms have resolved and the fibroid has shrunken in size. Very thankful to Dr. Lakshmi aunty."

~ Niki RK

"Dr.Lakshmi is very good ,I went in with health issues and within a few days all my aches and pains were gone ."

~ Mohini Karthik

"Go with faith. You can get rid of your problems with the help of Dr Laksmi. Regain your health. My BP came to normal within 2-3 days."

~ Rama Kumar Tadavarthy

"I liked it very much.At the same time very affordable price. Weekly once really I love to go there for treatment. I had many problems after going there my body condition came to normal.Very very happy.Thanks to Lakshmi MAM"

~ Gayathri Tadavarthy

"Holistic approach to treatment"

~ Jayasree Mahadevan

"First I didn’t have much faith in the acupuncture...once when I experienced the results my wife got for Vertigo and hearing problems even though it was not a complete recovery but better than the medication she was getting earlier. This changed my views and I have been getting treatment for my sciatica and enlarged Prostate..of course other treatments for BP , Sugar are so ordinary for the Golden Finger Dr Lakshmi..not exaggerating....experience you will understand."

~ Venkatraghavan Ravikumar

" I feel so blessed, on meeting Acupuncture Dr.Lakshmi mam.She is well skilled in treating all types of issues such as Diabetes,Blood pressure,Stroke,Migraine,Eye power,Menstrual disorders,Lung diseases,Heart problems,Rheumatoid Arthritis,cervical and spine issues,ulcer,gastric problem,Ear issues,sciatica,etc.,I highly recommend Deeta Acupuncture Center for getting complete recovery.Dr.Lakshmi mam does treatment with immense care.The clinic is so clean ,which attracts everyone.Overall,the best place to get recovered soon."

~ Art of Life

" I got to know about this acupuncture treatment by my mother's friend in Bangalore, I was not able to sleep more than a year due to thyroid problems and many other problems due to thyroid....by the grace of the good Lord I am sleeping now...after coming here for the treatment and so many other problems are also being treated and getting solved...I thank my God for Dr. Lakshmi who treated me so gently and patiently...A very wonderful Dr. Lakshmi and beautiful treatment is given here....please come and be treated and be blessed…"

~ Lorena John

" I was suffering from so many problems like acidity, indigestion, acute knee pain, hands shivering, skin allergy for very long. With the best detection and proper ACU treatment, by Mrs.Lakshmi, now ally problems 'poyey pochu'. But I am of the strong view, that if we, the patients are regular as per her instructions, it is sure that we can have a better way of life. Thanks to Lakshmi."

~ Revathi Srinivasan

"I like the way of treatment undertaken by Dr Lakshmi. Initially i got treatment for my acute foot problem, wherein, I could not walk properly and had lot of pain. Now it is cured completely. I got relief for the prostrate problem. One should have patience and faith in acupuncture and Dr Lakshmi. Definitely best results will come . Affordable cost and heavenly atmosphere at clinic."

~ Srinivasa Rao

" I feel really great, because i was suffering from varicose veins problems, and my B P(Blood pressure)was fluctuating, after coming to Dr Laxmi Clinic I felt almost normal, especially my BP was normalized, not only for these diseases she cures lots of health problems, she's very good i feel you're at safer hands"

~ Suresh RaviBalan

"Initially I had no belief in this but took this treatment as my friend referred.It worked and I followed it regularly. Dr.Lakshmi is very positive and I came out of migraine headache ,sinus problem and insomnia."

~ Saroja VR